Hylandtechs PVD Process

Our General PVD processing:

Our Dual PVD processing:

Thermal Vacuum Evaporation

Our Hylandtechs PVD Processing includes Thermal Vacuum evaporation. In this process, the filament is heated, and the evaporated substance is heated above it or placed in the chamber by electric current.

Enhanced Arc Evaporation

EAE is the most traditional Physical Vapour Deposition process (applied to hard coatings), the Arc technology originates from electric welding. The evaporated solid metal (target) is placed in a vacuum chamber. After the glow discharge is generated, the surface reacts, and the target material is evaporated in a small area. The plasma formed by the evaporated metal ions is deposited on the surface of the workpiece to complete the coating.

Sputtering Pro

PVD by Sputtering pro is a term used to apply for the PVD process. Our sputtering pro process is the atomic separation process of the target. First, the target surface is bombarded with ions, and argon (Ar +) is injected into the vacuum sputtering coating chamber, and high-voltage electricity is used to generate a glow discharge to accelerate the ion to target surface, deposited on the substrate in front of the target to form a compound film.

IBS (Ion Beam Sputtering)

A high-energy ion beam from an independent ion gun bombards the target surface, and the sputtered material is deposited on the substrate.

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